A Quick Pokmon Go Tip Keep Catching Weak Monsters

Those of you playing Pokemon Go are probably sick to of seeing the same crappy monsters no matter where you go. Pokemon Go doesn’t tell you this, but even those shitty critters can still be mega useful. And lower tier Pokemon have small evolution requirements: a Caterpie .Even if you ‘re catching Pokemon that help you level up fast, it ‘s going to take a while. You may need to catch 180 Pidgeys before you can evolve 60 of them at a time! That ‘s an awful lot of play. Some tips: Keep the app open and your phone screen on whenever you ‘re walking around. If Pokemon Go isn ‘t on .Once the timer starts, you can begin evolving your Pokemon which will net you 1,000 XP for each one. This is a quick and easy way to level up rapidly and requires little work aside from all of the preparation of catching all of those little monsters to begin with. After you ‘re done evolving, you can transfer the .The game provides little in the way of guidance on the nuances of Pokemon catching, collecting, and evolving. In fact The following advanced tips and tricks go one step further to help you truly master Pokemon Go. . evolve into a weaker Raichu than a Pikachu with lower CP and HP, but higher IVs..