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Chrome: Click on the Wrench icon on the toolbar, go to Tools -> Extensions. Find APK Downloader. At the end of its description, you ‘ll see a link to Options page. – Firefox: On menu, open Tools / Add-ons. Select tab Extension. Find APK Downloader, click Preferences, then click Open. Why do I have to enter .This is the official page of APK Downloader. Do not download the extension from other sources. Use at your own risk. I ‘ll not take responsibility for anything happen to you or your account. APK Downloader is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to download Android APK files from Android Market to .[Official] APK Downloader v2 – Download APK files from Google Play Store to PC Update on 2015/12/19: Google decided to take download APK Downloader on their Chrome QuickStreamer is an extension for Google Chrome that allows you to run livestreamer from your browser, without having to use the terminal..Direct Download APK from Google Play with chrome extensions Visit to more information and get APK online Thank! Website Report Abuse. Additional Information. Version: 3.0. Updated: . Size: 45.88KiB. Language: English. Rate this extensionMy Review..