E3 2016 Pokemon Go Coming July Ign

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    Trainers, Over the last week, we saw over 2 million fans from around the world join together to celebrate their love for Pokmon and Pokmon GO at Pikachu Outbreak .

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    Name. The name Pokmon is the romanized contraction of the Japanese brand Pocket Monsters , Poketto Monsut . The term Pokmon, in .

  • A Brutal Recap Of The Very Bad Pokmon Go Fest

    So Pokmon Go Fest was a disaster. If you were lucky enough to not be there, and want to catch up on just how awful the whole thing was, this video recap by bobvids .

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    Pokmon Emerald , Poketto Monsut Emerarudo,, “Pocket Monsters Emerald” , is a role-playing video game developed by Game .