Pokemon Go Bubble Bursts Nintendo Tumbles As Indonesia

Indonesian officials have warned that ‘Pokemon Go ‘ is a “national security threat,” and military headquarters have banned personnel from playing the game while on duty, according to Jakarta Post. It appears the ‘Pokemon Go ‘ bubble is bursting, after surging 120 in 8 days, Nintendo is down over 12 .Pokemon Go is a “National Security Threat”. steem1 54 in crypto-news 2 years ago. And you thought that ISIS was dangerous!///news/2016-07-19/pokemon-go-bubble-bursts-nintendo-tumbles-indonesia-issues-national-security-threat crypto-news pokemon. 2 years ago by steem1 54 . $0.00..BitofSatire Retweeted zerohedge. Pretty sure this is Indonesia selling the news for a chance to buy some juicy Pokestocks. #justeconomythings BitofSatire added,. zerohedge @zerohedge. ‘Pokemon Go ‘ Bubble Bursts: Nintendo Tumbles As Indonesia Issues .