Pokemon Go Doesnt Make Nintendo Stock A Buy

“Pokemon Go” Doesn ‘t Make Nintendo Stock a Buy. “Pokemon Go” goes viral. Nintendo stock goes up. What ‘s an investor to think? Andrew Tonner. TMFTheDude . Jul 14, :41PM. Pokemon Go. Image source: Nintendo. In today ‘s always-on media world, the overnight explosion of Nintendo ‘s .Nintendo shares have skyrocketed since Pokemon Go ‘s release and instant transformation into global cultural phenomenon, but they fell dramatically today after investors realized that Nintendo doesn ‘t actually make the game. Nintendo put out a statement after the close of trading on Friday pointing out that .Think about it: Nintendo doesn ‘t have to make any game systems, they don ‘t have to manufacture any discs/cartridges, they simply license to Niantic and collect their share of the loot. It ‘s also very clear, even at this early point, that PokemonGo is a paradigm-shift of a game. The monetization possibilities .You can attribute the fluctuations to irrational exuberance on the part of investors, as Nintendo doesn ‘t publish Pokemon Go. It co-owns the rights to the franchise, and holds stakes in Go publishers Niantic and The Pokemon Company, so it is surely making some money from Go. But nobody knows how .