The Weekend Pokmon Go Took Over America Wired

Less than a week after launching in the US, the augmented reality game Pokemon Go is a bonafide cultural phenomenon. Why?.Pokemon Go also brought in revenue selling users extra supplies and, in some countries, charging businesses for making their physical spaces into Pokestops. The video game research company SuperData estimates that the game brought in $788 million this year remember, it launched in July , over .Over the weekend, Morgan Jackson, a grad student at the University of Guleph, watched the Pokemon Go tweets pile up. Jackson grew up playing Pokemonhe played Red, his brother Blueso and you ‘re out of luck. The city took over nature. Tajiri created Pokemon. And Pokemon Go took over the city..Pokemon Go, a mobile game jointly produced by The Pokemon Company, Nintendo, and Niantic, will be launching later this summer for iOS and Android. Recently, WIRED Climbing California ‘s Mount Diablo last weekend, Hanke found that the peak markers and trail markers were Pokestops and gyms..